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Grits is headed out soon to participate on a panel this afternoon at the national Investigative Reporters and Editors conference. which is being held this week in San Antonio. I'm looking forward to it: Mike Ward from the Austin Statesman, Jessica Pupovac from NPR, and Kirk Mitchell from the Denver Post are the other panelists for my session, which is focused on prisons and criminal justice coverage. And if the Spurs pull off the upset and win the NBA championship, it'll be a fun night to be in San Antonio. Probably picking with my heart and not my head but IMO the Spurs will bounce back, 98-94. And they're not going to make you sick like Antabuse. a medication used for decades to treat alcoholics that makes them wretchedly ill if they drink. Sign in to add a comment So if feeling better after a night of fun sounds good, read more about Dihydromyricetin and let us know how it goes below! Non-barbiturate sedative/hypnotic, Highly abused in the 1980s, Served as an early date rape drug since it had amnesic properties, It is now banned from sale

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